Updating adobe player on ipod touch chatrudating

It seems that Adobe is just as fed up as the rest of us and has started to more publicly blame Apple for the lack of this technology.

When a website requires a Flash plugin, it provides a link to a "Get Flash" page.

In November 2011, Adobe announced that it was ceasing development of its Flash Player plug-in for mobile web browsers, and instead shifting its focus towards building tools for developing applications for mobile app stores.

Adobe Flash Player is probably one of the applications that not many people know that they are using every day.

That month, Apple had revised its i Phone Developer Agreement, adding new developer restrictions, particularly that only "approved" programming languages would be allowed on App Store.

The change impacted a number of companies that had developed tools for porting applications from their respective programming languages into native i Phone apps, with one prominent example being an Adobe-developed "Packager for i Phone" tool.

Here is the company's full statement on the matter:----Adobe has long played a leadership role in advancing interactivity and creative content – from video, to games and more – on the web.The hacker will be able to block access to the system until a sum of money is paid (via the internet).The lack of Flash of the i Phone has been an issue, complaint and breaking point for many current (and potential) i Phone users.Reports suggest that the Adobe Flash Player will totally die within 1-2 years.However, Adobe is trying to delay this as much possible, by releasing new Flash Player versions every now and then, which fix critical vulnerabilities.