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The mod listed below does not want to run in Minecraft version 1.9.4TNTmod (tntmod) wants Minecraft [1.9,1.9]The file 'fml-client-latest.log' contains more information. I only do the updates to the major minecraft versions (1.8, 1.9, 1.10).

If I'd had to include all versions in between I'd be working on only that indefinitely as minecraft releases those all the time. The only problem so far is that bombs don´t ignite each other.

Installing Lite Loader is pretty straightforward and if you're familiar with the process, visit the download page to grab the latest installer for your version of Minecraft.

If you're new to Lite Loader follow the instructions below Official downloads are available from the download page: Development builds are available from the Jenkins build server: Current development builds are available for Minecraft 1.9, Minecraft 1.8.9 and Minecraft 1.8 and ?

Then look no further than the Lite Loader Mods List.

If you are a mod developer and would like to have your mod added to the list, or have the existing entry amended then simply post below or drop me a PM here on the forums.

Cube World homepage is here value in server.properties can be set to configure the world as with the 'Configuration' button.

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) and but is source available to allow mod developers to make their own mods using the platform.Planet Minecraft also has a support forum in which you can create, and reply to topics much like the official Minecraft Forums.To use the service, simply register and create a topic explaining your problem.IRC, is a way for people to chat and hold conversations over the internet, no registrations required.For support with Minecraft; You can join the #minecrafthelp channel, by going pressing the 'GO' button to your right, please be sure to let them know about the problem you have, and an Mojira issue ID, if you have one!