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Note: Don’t forget the hashtag, that’s the only way that the Selective Tweets app will know that you want the tweet posted to Facebook. If you want to update your Facebook pages using Twitter, you can do this as well using Selective Tweets.

This will only work if you have a Twitter account related to a Twitter page.

Produce text in roughly 140 characters or less inside a single line text box and click a button. Even the stream based ways in which the text gets consumed look awfully similar. There are two critical structural differences between Facebook and Twitter that are essential to understand before discussing the practices: 1) social graph directionality; 2) conversational mechanisms. What this means is that if I want to be Friends with you on Facebook, you have to agree that we are indeed Friends.

Yet, the more I talk with people engaged in practices around Twitter and Facebook, the more I’m convinced these two things are not actually the same practice. Reciprocity is an essential cultural practice in Facebook (although they are trying to rip out the functional requirement as it relates to status updates, arguably to compete with Twitter).

The solution: Post a single message on both networks simultaneously!

Combine all your Twitter and Facebook messages together when you add Twitter to Facebook.

Once you add Twitter to Facebook you'll only need to go to Facebook to get your Twitter and Facebook fix.

Have you ever noticed that some Facebook users like to update their status from Twitter?

Have you ever wondered how only selective tweets were being posted to Facebook, instead of every single tweet?