Updating garman

So, go out and record a new activity even if it's just a short test.

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It you review this post it seems that not a lot of complaints about download time. Be sure to check out the FAQ tab located on top right of the screen and check out all the custom poi files that are available for download to your GPS. So it is important to have your backup files ready so that you can restore your device back to its prior status. It's like trying to get to see the new blockbuster movie on opening weekend, come back a couple of weeks later and the servers may be less busy.

Some errors even resulted from updating new software. The first couple of weeks after an update becomes available, many are trying to download.

You can have a blinding fast connection but if the source is mired down, you will get only a trickle.

Bandwidth costs money and providers buy what will suffice, not what will serve everyone all at once. I just hook up the unit and then start the update process and go do something else.