Updating kitchen cabinets on a budget

So, instead, I got creative and essentially painted everything in sight.If you're working with an old kitchen and a small budget, this post will hopefully leave you with tons of ideas.Using appliques to update kitchen cabinets is a great way to add details but don’t go over board. Adding these to every cabinet would have looked tacky in my opinion. (This post contains affiliate links please see disclosure policy) To begin take your cabinet door off.While your cabinet door is flat start by laying your design on your door.

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When we moved into our house three short years ago the kitchen needed some work.

When I created my design plan, I wanted to stay as far away from brown as possible!

To create my design plan, three things had to happen: Now keep in mind, we’re on a budget.

When my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen, we knew we would have to stay on a tight budget.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune, but we did want to make a strong impact with our remodel.