Updating new zealand passport

New Zealand has a passport office in Sydney that makes it easier to renew your passport (or attain new passports for kids etc) while you are living in Australia. We have been in Sydney for a year and my passport just expired.

We went onto the NZ Passport site and downloaded the Application for New Passport Form - You have to make sure you download the form for your area -for us it was Sydney.

In most cases, you can renew your passport online via the NZ Passports site.

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You don’t need documents or your referee to sign forms.

For the part where you have to get someone to ID your photo and fill out the page, make sure you get someone in OZ who 1known you for at least 12 months AND 2a NZ passport - that is much easier.

Otherwise you have to find a person who has known you for 12 months WHO ALSO fits one of the occupations such as JP, Minister of Religion, Teacher, Lawyer etc..

Passport Application Form (477KB) Birth Certificate Application Form (190KB) Entry Form for Samoan Holding Foreign Passport(195KB) Having trouble opening these files? Download here: All passport and birth certificate applications should be lodged with our Consulate Office in Auckland.

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