Updating ps2

The PSX was released in eight retail configurations during its lifespan; the 5000 series (with an embossed logo on top and grey stripe at the back) shipped with 160 GB Hard disk drives, while the 7000 series (with a coloured logo on top and black stripe at the back) contained 250 GB drives.

Software updates were made available by disc and download.

Making additional dumps will overwrite the previous dump.The Play Station 2 is 15 years old, and Sony is bringing some of its best games to the Play Station 4 starting tomorrow, the company announced today.Eight well-loved PS2 titles will be available on the Play Station Store in the Americas and Europe tomorrow: Sony Europe trademarked a few of those games today, suggesting they were coming to PS4. The video above, which is also from Play Station Europe, mentions that Fantavision and Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits are coming soon.The files in the fmcb-install folder are from Jimmikaelkael's PS3MCA project.Of course, I didn't include the questionable files which Sony claimed as a breach of their copyright.