Updating roof antenna in co ops

You see, I’ve had a bone to pick with Comcast ever since 2009, when they secretly funded a voter disinformation program called “No Blank Check Longmont”.

The GPS system provides critical positioning capabilities to military, civil, and commercial users around the world. Department of Defense in 1973 for use by the United States military and became fully operational in 1995. Advances in technology and new demands on the existing system have now led to efforts to modernize the GPS and implement the next generation of GPS Block IIIA satellites and Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX). Congress authorized the modernization effort, GPS III. Getting of The Aerospace Corporation, and Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory are credited with inventing it.

It seems that the local internet near-monopoly (Comcast) had just arbitrarily decided to increase their prices by per month.

Offended by this attack on their frugality, these friends naturally turned to Mr. Normally, I’d just advise them to use the magic of the free market and vote with their feet.

is a space-based radionavigation system owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force.

It is a global navigation satellite system that provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.