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Now Open the certificate text file and copy the text to your clip board, or use this with your certificate authority to issue you a new Wild Card Certificate. To get the certificate we use a service called “startssl.com” who allow you to issue certificates like this for 2 years for free once you are validated as a user. In the Available snap-ins list, select Certificates, and then click Add. AD FS requires a certificate for SSL server authentication on each federation server in your federation server farm.The same certificate should be used on each federation server in a farm.

Certificates play the most critical role in securing communications between federation servers, Web Application Proxies, federation server proxies, the cloud service, and web clients. The time will come around where you need to renew the SSL certificate for your CRM IFD configuration. Repeat this process fro the Microsoft Dynamics CRM website selecting the new certificate here and OK. This will include the renewal of the SSL certificate as used by IIS and and ADFS. Again, make sure that all the domains (for which you want to create a Let’s Encrypt certificate) must be pointed to your server otherwise you will receive an error message (see below notes for more information).Messaging Gateway (SMG) releases prior to version 10.5.4 will not work with the SHA-2 certificates used by the rule and software update infrastructure after the June 30, 2016 certificate transition.

Updating ssl certificate server 2016