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EXE), it defaults to your user profile home directory.

Example: To set the startup directory to F:\Windows, set the Autorun value data to CD /d F:\Windows You may also use a batch file so that it executes the contents automatically upon launching the Command Prompt. You can also set the default Prompt in the Autorun key.[Use the Fix-It Tool] Microsoft has a Fix-It solution that fixes most of the shell folder paths (both per-user and per-machine shell folders) automatically.You can download the fix from KB886549 (Thanks to MVP Robear Dyer for the URL.) If you opt to reset the shell folder paths manually using the Registry Editor, read further.There are many places online to download Windows XP, but I haven't found any legal sources.Windows XP is not distributed online so there isn't a legitimate way to download Windows XP, even from Microsoft.