Validating drop down list in asp c sharp Cam4freecam

When I wrote this blog post, I wrote that Microsoft was not planning to support VB. This framework uses the [Test Class] and [Test Method] attributes to describe a unit test: If you look at the source code for ASP. You can take a look at the MVC repository (and its unit tests) here: ASP.

That was true when I wrote the blog post, but this blog post generated some strong reactions from the VB. For example, you can retrieve the EFRepository by using the following code inside of an MVC controller action: Goodbye Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework and hello x! NET MVC, the default testing framework was the Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework (sometimes called mstest). For example, the MVC repository contains unit tests written with x

In this article I try to explain how to validate Drop Down List and List Box using Required Field Validator.

In this tutorial we will turn from mere discussion to implementation; in particular, we will look at implementing forms authentication.

I have a drop down list on a page, by default the option that is displayed is 'Please Select One'.

At the moment users can select that option and gain access to the next page, what I want to do is if 'Please Select One' is selected ensure that access to the next page/step will not be given until an actual option on the drop down list is selected.

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