Validating financial models

a ladder report) or randomized set of shocks applied to various scenarios taken from historical data.These models are used for measuring and managing Credit Risk at ING Bank.I concluded that there must be an area of finance that was less esoteric, after all, not spending days, weeks and months solving non-linear partial differential equations for hypothetical frameworks, was a driving reason behind moving to the world of finance.I then found Project Finance and it was love at first sight!Mountain View's service establishes the high levels of business and regulatory confidence needed to fully use an ALM model as a performance management and risk analysis tool.Our model risk assessments provide industry-leading solutions for verifying and validating that an ALM model meets business best practice requirements and regulatory guidance, such as FFIEC 2010-1A IRR and its associated FAQs, NCUA 12 CFR Part 741 and 12-CU-11, and OCC Bulletin 2011-12/FRB SR Letter 11-7.

I am the co-founder and today ultimately responsible for all aspects of the business.Financial modelling is an integral part of project finance and an area that I found appealed to my compulsive need for accuracy, transparency, clear communications and organisation!My first paid job was as a research scientist, I was employed by the Particle Physics Research Council as well as the European Space and Physics Research Council to model the plasma physics within stellar atmospheres.Mountain View's comprehensive ALM model validation includes a formal model ranking relative to peer model implementations, with detailed model findings ranked in order of importance or model risk materiality.Based on our years of validation expertise, we also provide clients additional insight with advanced industry practices to offer added perspective and guidance.