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If this library is not present on your computer, it is automatically installed, when possible.

Depending on your configured security level, you may have to perform the following steps : With such configuration, the CAPICOM library is automatically installed. To see how to add the site of the Ministry of Finances to the list of trusted sites, see here.

Not all browsers are able to make such a signature.

The following browsers are supported (other browsers may work but are not officially supported) : This library is used to digitally sign data, verify digital signatures, envelop data for privacy, hash data, encrypt/decrypt data and more.

The quickest way to resolve this issue is by using our Digi Cert SSL Utility for Windows. Disabling the Root Certificate on your Server Disabling the Digi Cert High-Assurance EV Root CA root certificate in your server's root certification authorities certificates store allows Windows to build a correct path of intermediate certificates to give to clients.

Correcting this problem involves two tasks: Note: In some situations disabling the Digi Cert High-Assurance EV Root CA as described below may not prevent your server from using the problem certificate.

12.) I have already a client certificate but can't login. 14.) I've lost my client authentication certificate, what shall I do? 27.) For what am I paying exactly and how many certificates do I get with Class 2?

This tester will tell you whether your server is sending the correct intermediate certificates to clients.The authentication with certificate requires the digital signature of an identication token.Creating a digital signature requires up-to-date browsers and libraries for encrypting data.Windows automatically determines which intermediate certificates to send to clients based on which root certificates it finds in its root certificate authorities certificate store.When a Digi Cert High-Assurance EV Root CA root certificate is present in the root certificate authorities certificate store, Windows does not include the Cross-Signed certificate.