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is a dating simulator where you play as a hot dad, and your goal is to meet and romance other hot dads," said the game's co-creator Leighton Gray.The game features seven dateable dads, including a teacher, a goth and what the game's synopsis describes as "a Bad Dad." You play as a dad whose name and appearance you can customize at the beginning of the game.I dabbled in online dating for a brief time and met a guy on Ok Cupid. We never ran out of things to talk about, and he made me laugh.After a few months, his gaming started infiltrating our relationship.With a bit more than half the year gone, we're already comfortable saying that 2017 has a bumper crop of amazing, must-play video games.It's not just that this year has already been home to a stream of top, AAA games like Prey, Resident Evil 7 and Splatoon 2.I'd drive 45 minutes to his apartment, and he would play games for a while. I'd sit and browse Pinterest or watch TV on the couch while he played games.Then, when his game was over, he would devote all his attention to me.

The music video for "The four of us grew up in the golden-age of spastic, seizure inducing video games (see: the 90's)," drummer Zack Mykula told Nerdist.

But once we were more comfortable with each other, the gaming became more and more frequent.

Almost every time I went to his place, he would be on his computer, mouse and keyboard clicking at a rapid pace.

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