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Whether we come to SEPIA seeking advice, support, a network of like-minded activists, or simply a place to feel accepted, we all share the bond of belonging to a marginalized demographic that faces discrimination, alienation, media misrepresentation, and threats to our chosen livelihood on a daily basis…and we’d like for these pervasive forms of social violence to end.

SWOP-Seattle organizes public education events which have included discussion panels, demonstrations, media campaigns, and outreach efforts designed to raise awareness about sex worker issues.

The new Science Center anchors a "science triangle" with the nearby F. Olin Science Center to the right and Hale Laboratory in the background.

Previously, live webcams transmitted static shots from cameras aimed through windows or at coffee pots.

Full forensic examination of an offender's IT media tends to contribute little apart from the number and type of images viewed.

For offenders considered 'low risk' it can be difficult to determine whether this is the result of an absence of relevant information.

As such, Jenni Cam set the stage for conversations regarding the relationship of technology and gender.

Ringley's desire to maintain the purity of the cam-eye view of her life eventually created the need to establish that she was within her rights as an adult to broadcast such information, in the legal sense, and that it was not harmful to other adults.

In the slums of Manila, a police raid of a child sexual exploitation operation illuminates the challenges the country faces in protecting vulnerable children and prosecuting their abusers.

Shain Library reopened in March, 2015, after a .875 million renovation undertaken to better serve the changing needs of students. If you are experiencing difficulties, make sure you have Javascript enabled.

The new, state-of-the-art Science Center at New London Hall opened in Fall 2012.

MANILA, Philippines, 3 June 2016 – One evening in 2014, Philippines police raided an ordinary looking home in the slums of Manila.

It was just before midnight, and darkness permeated the surrounding narrow alleys as the officers entered with a search warrant.