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G-Dragon has been the subject of on-going dating rumors which have ranged from Angela Baby to Paris Hilton, however the most persistant rumor has surrounded his relationship with Kiko Mizuhara.

P and Ah So Hee were fake, the latest photos of G-Dragon with Kiko Mizuhara are real.

In recent years, YG Entertainment has become increasingly guarded about the private lives of its artists.

Continuing from part I of couples, who we thought were dating but instead turned out to be just a wicked old rumor, here are a list of more K-pop idols who keep playing games with our hearts.

Kim Dong Hwa is 6 years older then GD, she owns a bar/restaurant that Seungri use to work in for his Manwon Happiness challenge.

Many fans tend to mix infos and picture of Kim Dong Hwa and Kim Jinah thinking their the same person.

While they were speculations she was his ex-girlfriend, some claim GD just liked her because she already had a boyfriend.

This rumour began when fans suspected the “J” initial GD mentioned at the end of his cover of ‘This love’ song was about her.