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In other words, will you rather your husband stay with you but extremely cold and just not interested in you or do you want him happy and live a vivid life? Also, if some Armys can't get the fact that BTS are humans, not gods, but humans. A human who can control their own life and their own story. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you even if There are like 95% of People Who understand this There are still 5% of disgusting Fans that Dont Support and work against the idols having a relationship like they really do ANYTHING so that they wont be in one and for an idol it probably will just get really Tiring... I hope everyone reads this post I believe that the emotions that they would have in their relationships would bleed into their music.

Not mentioning the fact that celebrities are NOT your husband. Credits: Physical betrayal versus emotional betrayal^i used this because I am not a mid age houewife in her fifties after all ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; )sorry for being so salty, I just can't..kpop fans continue to behave like this kpop is going to be another word for dystopia and our celebrities are just going to turn into weird robots without any emotions and only knows how to sing, dance and please us, a group of spoiled brats.(btw: IF YOU ARE GONNA LEAVE COMMENTS SUCH AS "but xxx is my husband I'm writing a fanfiction that centers entirely on this post's topic. I , for one, is also a jealous person because it is a human thing. Then I want them to think what the heck they're doing. They can't control their future nor' consequences but they can choose their path in what they want. I think people may think celebrities dating is bad because there are saesangs. They already sing and write with the emotions of the hardships and struggles they have gone through.

All that aside, sometimes you are just going to be hurt. Quoting flirting coach, Fran Greene, "When someone rejects you, or chooses not to see you again, s/he is giving you a gift — the gift of time.

You don't have to waste one more minute of your precious time on this particular person who, for whatever reason, doesn't want to be with you." You are free to move on, if you see it that way, to get closer to the person who you want to be with, and who wants to be with you, regardless of your sexual experience or inexperience.

During my time as a volunteer with a local pd I saw plenty of times how the cops who were married were having relationships on the side and it was completely permissable and the brass knew of it but always kept it under the rug out of fear of the PD getting bad pr...

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They are undoubtedly very strong words, and think, is dating someone against morality or law of any country? You finally got a job after years of hard work and you're finally receiving some good money. It shouldn't affect your admiration towards them, because they are still that passionate person with many good characteristics you love.

One day, you meet a hardworking, visually attractive, and understanding person. You and that person form a strong, romantic relationship..before you can lovey dovey another second waves of people you never seen before scream in your face with tears hanging on to their puffed eyes,"NO! For those of you who still can't get the idea let's drop the seriousness and have a different go, For mid-age housewives who are in their 50s (like me) we recognise two terms for our lecherous husbands: Emotional Betrayal Versus Physical Betrayal Emotional betrayal is when you were supposed to love someone but end up falling for another. Its annoying when people say that idols belong to them. I can understand why some Armys reacted this way though.

Web dating cuz i have you