Webcamming with a doctor

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Last week the Mail revealed that to cut waiting times, the health service is paying for doctors to provide appointments via a computer webcam.

As it happens, you can already get an online consultation with a GP now, if you choose to go privately.

Of course this isn’t cheap, but whether it’s the NHS paying, or you directly, can a webcam appointment really replace a face-to-face consultation with a doctor?

I’m then asked when I want to see the doctor — patients are promised the option of a consultation within six minutes, but I choose mid-morning the following day.

In the winter, a mountainous region of California that the locals call the Grapevine is plagued by severe weather.

En español | Bill Moore was attending his niece's wedding in Utah when he suddenly came down with a headache, sore throat and sinuses that he says were "killing me." He didn't know if his Vermont doctor could prescribe antibiotics several time zones away and disliked the prospect of tracking down a walk-in clinic.

So Moore, now 67, instead set up a video chat with a doctor working for American Well, a telemedicine company.

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