Who is adrian brody dating

But did you know some of them can do actual tricks?! Related: Paula Patton's Nanny Had To Use Restraining Order Against Robin!

And still some of them are actual members of magic clubs? Check out who has something up his sleeve in the gallery (below)! The party was lit with a magic show, 2-story water slide, petting zoo, mechanical shark, face painting, and hula dancers! ) Sources told the 40-year-old was thinking "family first" while planning the celebration amid his nasty custody battle against Paula Patton.

He’s the Oscar-winning star who infamously snogged Halle Berry as he picked up his Academy Award, she’s the blonde bombshell who brought Fifties style to the runways, via her stylish turn in Mad Men, but despite their high-profile professional lives, Adrien Brody and January Jones have done an awfully good job of keeping their romance under wraps… Despite insisting to reporters they’re ‘just friends’ earlier this year (now, where have we heard that one before?

), friends of Brody say he’s definitely dating the Rock the Boat actress and is more than happy to gossip to them about the state of their relationship.

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