Who is bosco wong dating

However lately, the rumors have apparently displeased her. Aside from being linked to each other, Lau and Wong were also associated with their fellow actors Philip Ng and Cherry Yeung respectively. Lau worked with Philip in the upcoming Hong Kong martial arts action television drama ‘A Fist Within Four Walls.' According to the tabloids, the two celebrities hooked up, but call it off six months later. bosco wong dating myolie wu Fan jiang 范姜 video myolie up about to talk to get married.

She also asked me which hotel is good so I helped her book the same hotel as me. He also revealed they are communicating with each other in English: "We use English!

At the upcoming TVB anniversary awards, Bosco is nominated in the Best Actor cate...

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) admitted that when he first joined acting, he had treated it like a hobby.

He also subsequently expressed that his growing age allows him to play more mature characters such as triad leader "Cripple Co" and righteous police Inspector "Hui Sir" in Witness Insecurity (TV series)(2012) and "Cripple Co" is a role that he had fun playing.

Bosco starred in his first silver screen leading role as "Chiu Bing" - a low class ice cream vendor in director Fire Lee's debut movie Love In Time(2012) and gained positive applause for his sincere and realistic performance.