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Enter Donna Mills, best known from “Knots Landing” but also familiar from a series of movies and recently a new guest role on “General Hospital.” Mills won the coveted Soap Opera Digest designation as “best villainess” three times for “Knots,” and while she doesn't play a villainess here, she does come across as no-nonsense.While the project is a collective effort, Mills is clearly first among equals, an unspoken social-order acknowledgment that also surfaces when Joan Collins drops in for a guest appearance.This being a reality show and all, there's running drama about who is being properly supportive of whom, and who may be putting personal interest above collective mission.Plus of course some people in any group will get along better than others.Sweeney, Eric Menyuk, Bruce Hollis, Lillian Lehman, Luana Anders, Dustin Taylor, Liz Georges, Marnie Andrews, Toni Jones, Michael Sollenberger, Timothy Brook, Mark Davenport, Joshua Thomas.

But another year or so and we will.” RELATED: 'Knots Landing' Legend Donna Mills Found a Dream Home as Beautiful as She is The pair plans to bottle their own wine in the coming years, made from their California grapes. For more on your favorite stars’ love lives, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now.As she was born in America, her nationality is obviously American.She is still gorgeous but when she was young, she was a bombshell.SO THESE half-dozen female soap actresses get together and the most amazing thing happens: The drama feels surprisingly life-size.That's one of the good things about “Queens of Drama,” wherein these actresses form a production company they hope can develop a new show with solid roles for women.