Who is elisabeth moss dating

By the fourth season, Zoey is seen dating a young French man named Jean-Paul Pierre Claude Charpentier.

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It’s nearly 25 years since Kate Moss got her first modeling job, at 14, but this year she agreed, in principle, to talk to I imagined she would be guarded.

On her graduation day, she is kidnapped and held for several days, which leads President Bartlet to invoke the 25th Amendment, transferring presidential authority to Speaker of the House Glen Allen Walken as Acting President of the United States.

Jean-Paul's unintentional complicity in the kidnapping (he spikes her drink with what he thinks is ecstasy, but is actually GHB) ends their relationship.

Claire Danes, I just thought she was so incredible, and I loved her hair. I never wanted her to be with Jordan Catalano, I always wanted her to be with [Brian].

Then they had that last episode where they almost got together, and then they canceled the show!