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Season 6, Episode 2September 27, 1993Miles books a counterculture hero (Martin Sheen) on FYI.

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Whilst that may sound like it has just ripped off Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movies it hasn't because in reality it shares many elements with the romantic comedies of Doris Day especially the use of split screen. The beautiful story is set in a charming bookstore that serves as much more than a place to buy the latest best-seller.Its proprietors Donna and Charlie (Faith Ford and Ted Mc Ginley) created the store as a place where its patrons can find a sense of community and count themselves members of an extended family."People were always exploding out of exits and entrances all over the bullpen set. A day after the episode aired, in the midst of a 1992 re-election campaign, Vice President Dan Quayle referenced the show in a speech, asserting that Murphy, by forgoing a mate, was "mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice."Bergen recalls the resulting backlash: "That was huge for us," she says. "That whole summer there was this giant debate going on" that proved both flattering and scary.But she wasn't around to deal with the fallout — she left after the birth episode to create two more reporter-focused (but short-lived) series for CBS, Love & War and Ink, leaving other producers to pick up the pieces.