Who is ivy dating on 90210

Hoping to solve her mom’s money woes (at least for a little while), Annie agrees to sell her eggs to her boss for ,000.

But when her mom finds out, she strictly forbids her from going through with it.

She’s planning to auction off the male hotties of West Bev, but her boyfriend Teddy makes a fool of himself during rehearsal—he insults their dance choreographer (the same student that Teddy had a drunken one night stand with) for being homosexual.

Meanwhile, Adriana is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Picking up where last week’s penultimate episode left off, the gang deals with the aftermath of that major explosion at Adrianna’s concert.

Dixon, Navid and Annie make it out unscathed, but Ade is still trapped inside the rubble.

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She’s trying to get a job, but she has no skills and no educational background.The late Javier’s former manager is blackmailing her for stealing Javier’s song.He’s demanding half her cut (which he later changes to 80%). When Adriana offers to sing at Silver’s charity, her manager steps in with some harsh news: either she gets paid ,000 for Silver’s charity gig, or she cancels on her best friend.After Dixon found out that his ex-girlfriend Sasha is HIV positive, it’s his turn to visit the doctor and find out if he has caught the disease.But instead of telling Ivy the truth and working through it together, he lies to her and keeps his distance.