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News that they're still stuck on picking a location for their big day."We're trying to figure out where it's going to be first," Jordan explained.

"There's always going to be something, so we just pay no attention to it and live our lives.""Anyone who follows us on any social media can tell that that's absolutely not true," Jordan reassured their fans.

At least they're still technically ahead of schedule when it comes to deciding on a venue."Sometime in 2017, we're shooting for that," Jo Jo told E!

News this summer, right after they were finally allowed to go public, about their marital plans so far.

After being discovered in a singing competition, she was signed to Blackground Records at 12.

You may remember that when she was 13, she had a massive hit, “Leave (Get Out).” She was “TRL” huge -- starring in movies with Robin Williams and Emma Roberts and dropping two albums.