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I was going to see Annie Golden [Norma] at the Signature Theater — we were in On the Town together — and this girl, she must have been 17 years old, is tearing down the street, and I turn around, and she was like, “Oh my God, it is you.” She was so excited she could barely breathe.I think take seven was “Kunta Kinte.” And Laverne [Cox, who plays Sophia] was behind me and she ruined the take because she burst out laughing when I said “Kunta Kinte.” And I was like, “Asshole, that would have been so brilliant! Did I tell you there were a lot of lesbians on the set?

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So her current relationship status means she is not a lesbian and belongs to straight sexual orientation.Vulture met up with De Laria at the Metropolitan bar in Williamsburg for a beer, to discuss being called a “bulldyke” in the pages of The New Yorker, her out-there masturbation scene, and hitting on Natasha Lyonne. ” I couldn’t believe (a) you were on a prime-time late-night talk show, and (b) that someone said that on TV. People remember it because I said “dyke.” It was a battle. Somebody counted and I said the word 47 times in the nine minutes I was on the show. If Emily Nussbaum calls me a bulldyke, I laugh and say, “Thank you.” If Pat Robertson calls me a bulldyke, I rip his nuts off. I was so happy for the mention, because the cast is so huge, and I got mentioned in almost every review, and in a very positive way.Everyone is not only watching Orange Is the New Black, but totally obsessed. That would be during the four and a half minutes of stand-up and five minutes on the couch. It is your dyke duty, you realize, to tell us about working with Jodie Foster [who directed episode three, “Lesbian Request Denied”].Along with screen appearances, her earnings from the photo- shoots, modeling assignments, runways and brand endorsements have also contributed in enhancing her worth.Natasha Lyonne began dating Fred Armisen, an American actor, comedian, and musician since August 2014.