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OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL—In an effort to provide customers with the most affordable and convenient sexually explicit entertainment, Redbox on Friday debuted a new touchscreen on the back side of the automated kiosk for renting pornographic features.

WASHINGTON—Warning that a successful launch would constitute a grave threat to American population centers from coast to coast, leading analysts confirmed Wednesday that South Korea is currently developing a new pop group capable of reaching the United States.

A few days after I ended another in the seemingly endless three week relationships I have with the seemingly endless stream of girls I meet, my friend Amy and I were discussing how I should procure another of these said relationships. I ended getting fired from that job as well–seriously, my own dad fired me from the family business–and I moved to Chicago and decided to write full time.

I kept writing and posting the emails I sent my friends about all the stupid shit I was doing, which eventually blew the website up, and became my first book, and here we are.I’m not telling you to marry your job, because it will never satisfy you in a way a romantic relationship ever could.But when you’re networking and looking to build that client base, understanding what makes your brand attractive and utilizing those tools to attract new people is key to your success.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.FULLERTON, CA—Having grown up seeing few characters he could relate to on the big screen, local man Jake Champney, who once jumped a motorcycle onto a hijacked bullet train, told reporters Tuesday that he never thought he’d see the day when Hollywood would tell stories like his.