Who was david beckham dating before victoria

One source said that earlier this year, “David and this woman would work out next to each other and flirt before, during and after class.

She was in her 30s, skinny, and they chatted all the time. He laughed and smiled and asked her silly questions about working out and what she was doing after class.” David Beckham must have a thing for beautiful brunettes a back in 2004 he was accused of having an affair with glamour model and British media personality Rebecca Loos.

Eyewitnesses spotted David Beckham flirting with an unidentified woman after another on of his hot and sweaty gym sessions according to OK! The star athlete has been spending a lot of his free time at the gym and now fans might know the reason why.

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"I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children." The couple have recently been dogged by criticism of their globe-trotting schedules, which can sometimes keep them apart — including David's recent boys' trip to Dubai.The power couple, known collectively as Brand Beckham, were in sync as they took in the hitmaker's set,and both took out their smartphones to record the stunning performance.We imagine Victoria Beckham's Glastonbury experience was very different to most other festival goers.They share a famously strong relationship and will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary next month.And Victoria and David Beckham proved the couple that parties together, stays together as the pair enjoyed Ed Sheeran's headline performance at Glastonbury on Sunday evening.