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Hayden has since become engaged to boxer Wladimir Klitschko, and they have a daughter together.5.

Chris Pratt and Emily Vancamp (On the fantasy drama, Brian actually played the husband of Alyssa's on-screen sister Piper (Holly Marie Combs).

It's because their on-screen chemistry often leads to real-life romance.

While most of these TV couples arise from being part of a fictional relationship, romance has often blossomed between cast members who never actually had any romantic connection on screen.

David Tennant had all manner of questions fired at him during this weekend's Wizard World Comic Con and, skipping between talk of upcoming A. A Jessica Jones and Doctor Who, Tennant put one thing to rest: the tenth Doctor and his companion really were an item... Of course, besides Doctor Who people are getting pretty excited about Tennant's upcoming part in Marvel’s A.

For Tennant, that might have been the most heartbreaking part of the story, though.“[Rose] was a girlfriend, really,” Tennant admitted when asked about saying goodbye to the character.“I know we don’t say it.” With those few words, the actor confirmed a ship fans have been supporting since Tennant joined the series in 2005.star Sophia Myles, DT later found romance with Georgia, who just happened to play his on-screen cloned daughter. The couple married in 2011, and have had three children together: Olive, Wilfred and Doris.Cool nerd fact: she also just happens to be the real-life daughter of Tennant's fellow Doctor, Peter Davison.3.