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When he finally learns where to look, he discovers more than a gigabyte worth of messages from the cron program, the vast majority of which are likely meaningless.

Ponytail suggests that Cueball "fix your cron" (likely meaning to fix the task that's generating the output so that it doesn't do so), then set a parameter that tells cron to send email to an address he actually checks.

However, in most situations, an email address has not been set up for that user, so the email is instead written to a mailbox file.What will happen in the future with Mac OS X, Linux, Android, or Windows is anyone's guess, but somehow the latest XKCD webcomic feels right.To be fair, this entire comic seems to be just for GNU Hurd, which has been in the works for so many years that it almost became a joke.No matter how fantastic our predictions are, the future always seems to invalidate them one way or another.The same could be said about the operating systems in the past 30 years.