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This class is an abstract base class for many useful classes for inserting, removing, and replacing nodes, navigating through the document.

Specify the Grammar of Your XMLValidate XML Using an Online Syntax Check Check Your Syntax Files Take Advantage of Design Programs with Validation Community Q&A People familiar with the coding for Web sites understand the need to validate extensible markup language (XML), which is the code in the process of replacing hyper text markup language (HTML).

While this sometimes created glitches in the look of the Web site, overall the site still worked.

With XML, browsers stop reading the coding and display an error page as soon as they encounter an error.

Process Inline Schema | Xml Schema Validation Flags. A little more research turned up this link; remark #3 seemed to relate to my situation.

Process Schema Location | Xml Schema Validation Flags. I've noticed that there's a significant pause when it's trying to validate. Is it trying to download the actual "xml.xsd" schema and not succeeding? So if for whatever reason my machine couldn't download the XSD file, then the xml namespace became unavailable.