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We searched high and low for the perfect box and finally found a faux red crocodile leather letter box in Barnes and Noble (after we purchased a different box in Michael’s Arts & Craft Store which we later returned) and had to go to another craft store called the Rag Shop near our house to get a piece of soft foam to make the inside of the box.

After I got all my materials home, measured the inside of the box (height, width, depth) and then cut the soft foam to fit snuggly inside.

I’m afraid to go too nuts on knit content considering he’s only going to wear them a few short weeks and then they will no longer fit, and I also have a very small window of when it’ll be cold enough to wear warm clothes here anyway so it may be better for me to knit on demand.

Kimberly and I represented all day and this show is about found on this amazing day in NYC!!!

And I did finish that hat for my sister, as well as a few baby ones too. Let's just say that in May, I barely had time to write a blog post, let alone patterns.

My mom, sister and I are going down to LA this weekend for a family wedding and a day at Disneyland. If there are any other cloth diapering mama’s out there, I am new to this and could use all the tips I can get. I just need to give it a good scrub and maintain until the little one arrives and we’re all set. So far I’ve had swelling in my ankles and feet, extreme fatigue, backaches and indigestion. I’ve had it fairly easy since I’ve had absolutely no nausea, and I just recently started feeling bad.I recently signed up at so I could chat with other cloth diapering mama’s out there and get advice and tips. He’s been feeding off my urge to prepare and we’ve totally repainted the entire house, which is something we wanted to do anyway. The biggest hurdle with this is how I feel right now. I’m taking my doula’s tip and I picked up some papaya pills and will be giving that a shot, because it can get pretty bad. My first two trimesteres were a breeze – it’s just the third that’s been a bit rough. I knit a few hats for Erica's baby shower (thanks Anne for taking pictures! Usually, I need a solid chunk of hours to write patterns and that tends to happen on the weekend when I'm free. I think I forgot to tell you guys that Fiar is now available for individual sale on Ravelry. 7 more super busy days at work until it is officially summer! It is meant to fit an average male head, but I didn’t pack extra yarn in my carry-on, so I’m modifying it for you all to make a better length. Divide sts evenly on 4 needles (26 sts on each needle). Continue until 8 sts are left, thread yarn through sts and close off.