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Well-organised groups and teams with good leaders provide a much-needed healthy community and environment where teenagers and youths can learn about themselves, their relationships with others and their place in the world.Here they can build on the skills and traits which will enable them to achieve success in the rest of their lives and also form significant relationships with caring adults who can model leadership qualities for them.

Team work is a great way to build confidence and teach leadership to teenagers and youths but for many, the thought of leading a group of teenagers can be a daunting one.International Youth Leadership Network (IYLN) is a world-wide initiative, designed to connect young leaders to existing leadership opportunities and resources.The IYLN brings together young people interested in unique capacity building programs that strenghten their leadership potential, as well as professionals interested in mentoring these future world leaders.However, teenagers respond to the same principles of respect, integrity and communication that defines good leadership in other arenas so by applying the same skills when dealing with a group of youths, it is possible to achieve success.Time spent in groups and teams can be very important and beneficial to teenagers.