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“Well helloooo, everybody, my name is Tyler Oakley!

” is now the high-pitched greeting heard ‘round the world daily by some 8 million subscribed to one of You Tube’s most successful channels.

She initially started making You Tube videos to help her with her depression.

While she had been busy toiling away at her undergraduate degree in Psychology and pondering a career in counseling, she decided to try her hand at You Tube.

Officers from Polk County Police were only tipped off to Katelyn's suicide by another force thousands of miles away in California.

After arriving at her home in Cedartown, Georgia they rushed her to hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

"We are making a specific request that anyone who has any knowledge, videos, or comments regarding this case, please keep this information off of the internet.

There have been numerous videos and posts on various internet websites that are referencing this case," they said on Facebook.

She just launched a dance cardio fitness program called Move Like Mandy.

(And judging by her own bangin' physique, she knows what she's doing.) She can teach you the choreography for every top 20 hit, from "Uptown Funk" to "Sorry." And she recently released a single called "Fade Away" — an EDM-tinged club track — with young Dutch producer-duo REEZ.

But Oakley, a 27-year-old, formerly pastel-haired Michigan native, boasts ambition that might even outstrip the platform that launched him to internet stardom.

As You Tube becomes more and more mainstream, Oakley has stretched his reach to include Binge, his debut New York Times best-selling book; an international tour called Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party; and Snervous, a feature film that documents his life on tour.