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So, the problem is: the requirement on Tycoon level says I must please Major Smythe and that he wants to visit 5 viewing galleries.

Yet he always only goes on rides and if I try to move him towards a gallery, he instantly goes away and heads to some ride.

So I did a forum search and saw there hasn't been a Zoo era Freestylin' Friday since 2006. Post your pics of our lovely Edge from the Zoo era; Achtung Baby/Zooropa/Zoo TV Also, I wanted to show these off.

Someone is doing something right and they deserved to be recognized!

Usually it's adjustable and has legs with an L shaped notch that sits on the outer rim. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk I use the zoomed lights they work great and I would recommend them.

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NEHERP - Vivarium Lighting 101 - Everything you need to know, to grow plants in a live vivarium No uv. Personally I use vivagrow 24/7 and have the 36" version for a 40B I have set aside. I really don't know what you mean by stand it on a glass top. I think this type of lighting will be easier than tube lighting.

Four-year-old female Komodo dragons Ophelia and Saphira arrived at the Valley Zoo last week and are now on display for visitors.

The venomous lizards are on loan from the Calgary Zoo until permits to send them to Memphis, Tenn., for a breeding program are complete.

You won't get any UVB transmission through regular glass anyhow.

I use the zoomed lights they work great and I would recommend them.